I Am Apathetic, But I Don’t Care


I think apathy is a major problem in our society that is producing to a culture that is impotent in meaning. We are so wrapped up in nothingness that we are producing nothing more than a vain existence. What is it that we are living for? What is the meaning for our existence? You probably don’t know or care, but why not? Where did the lack of caring come from, and our neutered vigor for life and the pursuit for the furtherance of our betterment?

When I read some authors of old, in the 18th and 19th century they seemed to have a greater veraciousness for life and a deeper understanding for you they were and how they fit into this world. They had direction, conviction, and the resolve to see things through. What if our founding fathers were born in this century, would be have a free country? Is this in part because they didn’t have mundane distractions like we have know to occupy their time. We spend so much time watching T.V., surfing the internet, and spend hours playing or watching sports. Where does that lead us?

Is Technology to Blame?

I used to work with a guy who blamed MTV for all the ills of our society. I can’t say I agree with him, but I agree with where he was coming from. With shows like Jersey Shore, Housewives of “name your state”, or any host of  “reality” shows leads us to a degraded outlook in life. It lowers our desire for greatness. We are also living in a time where there are a ton of other distractions. Video games are at a all time high for kids and adults as well. Males average 23 hours a week playing video games and the average age for gamers is not 13 like you might think, but rather 35. If you add that to 19 hours a week on average we Americans spend watching T.V., that adds up to 42 hours a week or 6 hours a day. This does not even include the time surfing the web or updating our Facebook status.

This fills our time and our thoughts with mediocrity at best and a lower standard of living with degraded morals at worst. We are being dragged into a life of complacency, and diverted from any real meaning. We no longer think of the deeper things of life, but are spending time thinking about what is going to happen in the next episode of some fictitious show or how can I get to the next level of some game that leads nowhere.

Are We Running in Circles?

Picture a person running on a treadmill, isn’t that our lives sometimes, both figuratively and literally?  We are running, running, running, but going nowhere. I think another thing that leads to apathy or maybe an outcome of it, is our tirelessness activities. We fill our time with hobbies, exercise, and leisure that it also consumes so much of our time and energies, that it keeps us from caring about the greater more pressing things in life. Now I am not trying to be a downer here, or say any of these things are bad. Activities and exercising are definitely beneficial to our well being. I am actually thinking about writing  a post about depression and mountain biking, but that’s another topic for another day. What I am getting at is that we fill too much of our time with things that have little impact on meaning, invention, poverty alleviation, raising kids to make greater differences in their circle of influence.

This constant busyness and submersion into such prosaic pastimes feed into our apathies and can keep us there for a life time. We need to break out of the commonplace distractions and strive for betterment, strive for finding our place in this world. In the Bible it says “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Eph. 2:10.  You see, we are made for a purpose, but how are you going to realize what that purpose is unless you start living with a purpose in mind? Instead of life just happening around you with your head stuck in the ground, realize you were created by a maker. This maker has a plan for you to do good works, not watching T.V. or countless hours on the internet, gaming and working out. Life is more than that. The Bible also says “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ”. Php 1:6

Let us spend more time learning what it is God has planned for our lives, what good work were we created for, knowing that He will bring it to completion. Let us live our lives intentionally, filled with the purpose we were made for.



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5 responses to “I Am Apathetic, But I Don’t Care

  1. Craig Suber

    Good Stuff Kevin. It’s ironic that I read your blog today. I’ve been deleting many of my mail and blog subscriptions (I’m keeping yours 🙂 and working on ridding myself of things and thoughts and tasks that steal my time away from the Lord. I also find that many people that we run into in our lives can do the same thing. MIT did a study years ago and pronounced that all of the “time saving devices” that we have in our lives actually rob us of our free time because they demand attention to set up, to monitor and to maintain.
    And so many of these devices exist simply to promote themselves. Another thought that comes to mind is that these times are so hard in so many ways on so many people that sometimes we just need to be entertained. Think of all of the musical films that were produced during the thirties and forties.
    Keep up the good work Kevin!

    • That is an interesting study MIT did and I strongly agree with the outcome of the study. Thanks for your input and I also agree that every generation has some sort of entertainment for release of stress. Good thoughts Craig, thanks

  2. Kevin,

    Good thoughts. In addition to the mindless stuff by which we are bombarded , we have what has been termed the “tyranny of the urgent.” There are many things that we feel are demanded of us that are urgent but not important. It is a struggle to prioritize and do the important first, but a struggle that we must take on.


    I recently did the same, I unsubscribed from all email lists. I now use RSS to follow the blogs I want to read. By using RSS, I can scan the blog titles and pick which ones to read and I can do this on my schedule. I find this way to be more efficient.

  3. Michael

    So I’ve thought about it and technology has nothing to do with it. Lets be real the Steve Jobs, Tom Fords, Mitt Romneys, Barrack Obamas, Hank Aarons, Lance Armstrongs of the world could have access to every mind numbing device to ever be created and they would still succeed. It’s a choice. When there wasnt all this technology the majority of the population was still very lazy and useless and uncaring. Technology has just made it more obvious to us. The fact is its HARD to make a difference and care Pick something anything and try and make a change for the better and let me know if it’s easily done.

    • Well I would agree if you said not all to do with it, but I think to say nothing to do with it might be too lenient. It is not technology alone but what the content it carries. It is a lot of time filler nonsense. If our society is inundated with it. it will eventually seep into your thoughts and degrade your potential. But that said, I do not mean to make it a scapegoat and we do have an active role in what we put our minds and actions to. Thanks Mike for the thoughtful response

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